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For over 30 years, Keats & Waugh has been a trusted source for custom cabinets, furniture and woodwork. Our commitment to quality, service and customer satisfaction has some of our clients coming back for decades.


We analyze each aspect of the proposed work to ensure every detail is accounted for and clearly understood. Our attention to function, form, fit and finish is of the highest concern.


As can be seen in our portfolio, Keats and Waugh has the experience and skills to turn almost any design idea into a reality. The same craftsmen who analyze, bid and measure each project also build, finish and install, ensuring consistent quality control and personal service throughout. We work with drawings and blueprints from commissioned designers and architects. We also work directly with the client on smaller projects. 

We have recieved a 5 star rating from The FranklinReport....(see "Press", above)

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